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Done by Deer - Dansk design

Done by Deer is done by Danish designer Helene Hjorth (Hjorth means deer in Danish).
Helene has a special ability to spot the modern design trends and convert them into 100% friendly items that both spark the imagination of kids and are modern pieces of design in the home. Helene constantly challenges herself and her designs in order to innovate and make each product stand out. Nothing is left to coincidence and the deer is in every detail.

Our story
Done by Deer is for families who believe life with kids and life with great design is a perfect match.

Our design is done for the kids – and their parents. We are deeply rooted in toy-making and strive to combine modern Scandinavian design with features that are fun and playful. Our designs stimulate the child’s senses and development with materials, colour combinations, and details that little fingers and eyes love to explore. Not to mention our cute cuddle toys.

Done by Deer - Dansk design

Silly U - Cloe Griffeltavla
Griffeltavla i form av en krabba

Done by Deer - Dansk design

Done by Deer - Activity Gym
Babygym i helt ny design
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