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BLAFRE - Wallstickers - Owl

BLAFRE - Wallstickers - Owl
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Wall stickers have long been a desired addition to our range, and we are happy to be able to offer a selection of no less than eight motives. What’s special about our wall sticker is the surface: It is made from cotton, which gives a soft and warm feeling on the wall. The stickers have a number of different uses, and can be combined and grouped in any way you want. They brighten up a nursery, but also fit in colorful lounges and other rooms in your flat or house. We have even tested them on blinds, and why not spruce up a cupboard door?

The owl arrived in our family early 2009, with its large circumference, clear gaze (when it’s awake) and often flowery tummy. The owl is decidedly one of our most popular family members. And it lends its image to most types of products in our range. What is it about owls that make us like them so much? There are more than 200 types of owls in the world, but we feel certain none of them are like this one. Regular owls are carnivores and hunt in the night. Amongst other things they munch on little animals for dinner. The BLAFRE owl doesn’t of course, since all our family members in unison agree on the no-eating-of-other-animals principle.


  • 50 x 70 cm (depending on how you arrange it)

Soft cotton surface

  • Will not stain the wall

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