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Djeco - Hector Tayleplufor

Djeco - Hector Tayleplufor
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5-10 år
Prinsessan är inlåst i slottet. Vill du bli den modigaste av riddarna och
passera alla hinder för att befria henne ?


Trail game. The fair princess is locked in the castle’s keep. Will you be the cleverest of knights, overcoming all obstacles in your way to rescue to damsel in distress?

BUT – to rescue the princess, you must first:

Win a sword (the player has 3 tries throwing the dice to construct a sword)
Get across the mountain without waking the dragons
Recover the key to the dungeon
Cross the river
And all of that must be done before all the other Knights to win the game! Who said being a knight was easy?

Contains (all pieces are wood) 2 different die, 1 princess, 1 dragon, 4 nights, 4 swords, 4 keys, 18 cards and a board.
2 to 4 Players
Suitable From 5 to 10 years

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DJ08434 Djeco - Hector Tayleplufor I lager 275,00/st