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Plan Toys - Ice Cream Shop

Plan Toys - Ice Cream Shop
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Dags för glass!

Denna uppsättning består av en dubbelsidig butik, butiken innehållar, glass display, bord och stolar, meny stå och naturligtvis några glass!

Storlek: 10.5 x 12.0 x 12.5 cm

Ålder: 3+

Rubber trees

PlanToys® are made from natural rubber wood trees that no longer produce latex. To keep the wood pure, no fertilizer is added to the soil three years prior to cut the trees down.

Chemical-Free Kiln-Dried

To strengthen the wood, PlanToys® uses a chemical-free kiln-drying process.


PlanWood™ is another high quality, safe and sustainable material in our toy-making process. This material will be used in harmony with our solid rubberwood.

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