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Madam Stoltz

Pernille Stoltz has a very close and long lasting co-operation with the Indian suppliers producing her designs. Minimum 4 times yearly, she travels to amazing India filled with contrasts. These journeys fills her with inputs and impressions. Impressions which again are turned into ideas and developments after returning to her family on Bornholm.

Since 2010, Madam Stoltz has supported NAI DISHA (new direction), in New Delhi. A NGO that focus on development through education.

Nai Disha started 10 years ago as a school for very poor people, and thanks to Nai Disha, many children from slum areas of New Delhi are no longer begging in the streets, but have been given the chance to get an education.

The Nai Disha project is now having 450 children and young people under its wings.