Yngve Eriksson - Designer and illustrator

Yngve Eriksson is a swedish artist. He paints among other things a lot of views from Stockholm. But also abstract works. He uses some of the pictures to make posters, coasters, trays, and postcards among other products.

Yngve has in the past been working as an illustrator and fashion designer.

He wants his pictures to bring joy and make people feel good and happy. Bright colours and graphic brush strokes are his signature.

Yngve lives and works in Stockholm.

  • This is Stockholm rund bricka
    Art nr. YE001
  • Bricka Colours rund bricka
    Art nr. YE004
  • Frukostbricka Stortorget Stockholm
    Art nr. YE007
  • Frukostbricka Södermälarstrand Stockholm
    Art nr. YE008
  • Frukostbricka Blickfång Stockholm
    Art nr. YE009
  • Bricka Blickfång rund bricka
    Art nr. YE7575